Villa dei Cesari

Villa dei Cesari

Villa dei Cesari, a historic house full of charm

Villa dei Cesari is a historic house, located in the Appia Antica archaeological park, a few minutes from the center of Rome and the Aventine. It has two rooms renovated in 2012 and a park of 5000 square meters, with parking.

It is the ideal location for weddings, meetings, parties and events, offering peace and privacy for guests. Each interior and exterior of the villa is suitable to accommodate the various stages of your reception with fine elegance.


The Villa is a part of the estate of Tor Marancia, which in 1797 became the property of the Duke Luigi Braschi Onesti, nephew of Pope Pius VI.

From the first 800 were followed up to three different owners in the early 50's when Emanuele De Villefranche inherited the estate and turned the complex of buildings that forms the house in Villa.

Emanuele De Villefranche, educated man with a passion for architecture and construction, with the collaboration of artists Pagliari and Corelli, and the architect Hoerner, restored the villa and made it his home.

Today, the owner of the house , which has been recognized as a good survey history in the Detailed Spatial Plan of the City of Rome, has made a full recovery of the structure, to offer an elegant and refined hospitality.


Villa dei Cesari has two rooms ideal for weddings, ceremonies, parties and meetings.

- The ancient ballroom, ideal for weddings, celebrations, parties. It can accommodate 250 guests for a buffet or a dinner with seating for 170 guests.

- The beautiful room of 700, ideal for private dinners, cocktail parties, celebrations, exhibitions, meetings and seminars. It can accommodate a buffet or a dinner for about 70 guests.

Villa dei Cesari, organizes receptions and banquets in collaboration with its partners.

It is possible to request receptions with internationally renowned chefs.

The Garden

The Villa dei Cesari's Garden is situated in the Appia Antica archaeological park.

The garden has a width of 5,000 square meters and is surrounded by Appia Antica archaeological park, surrounded by pine and linden trees. It 's the ideal place for cocktails, lunch or dinner outdoors, decorated with elegant gazebos and umbrellas, tables and lounges relax.

In spring and summer you can set up the banquet reception in the garden and enjoy the scents so natural.

The garden is furnished with elegant gazebo and summer umbrellas, bar, tables and relaxation lounges and can accommodate dinners, lunches and buffets for up to 300 guests.

It can also set up a tent for the ability to expand to 300 invited participants arranged in a single environment.

Partners, Awards and Recommendations

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